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A list of work in the field of conservation, restoration, research and development.

  • All
  • Conservation of architectural elements
  • Conservation of sculptures
  • Painting conservation


  • Complete conservation of the decor in the Renaissance Sigismund’s Chapel of the Wawel Cathedral.
  • Inventory of the Sigismund’s Chapel, including records of conservation work, laser scans and digital processing, as well as realization of panel reliefs’ casts.
  • Conservation and restoration of the of Wilanów Palace southern wing’s frontal facade to preserve and renovate its historic substance and to recreate the original aesthetics with Baroque features, commissioned by the Museum Palace in Wilanów.
  • Realization of research and conservation of the retaining wall adjoining the frontal facade of the main body of the palace and the towers, as well as the frontal façade of the northern wing of the Palace in Wilanów.
  • Building, conservation and renovation of the upper terrace’s retaining wall in the Palace in Wilanów, commissioned by the Museum Palace in Wilanów.
  • Conservation of the mural painting „Odysseus clothed as a beggar arriving to his wife Penelope” on the garden façade of the Northern Gallery of the Palace in Wilanów.
  • Conservation work in the King’s Library, the Museum Palace in Wilanów.
  • Conservation work on the interior decor of the Batory Chapel of the Wawel Cathedral in Kraków.
  • Realization of conservation and repair works in the Czapski Palace in Warsaw (seat of the Academy of Fine Arts). Works realized in 2004. The Institute established a conservation program, made cost calculations, provided free of charge conservator’s supervision and paid the construction supervision, legal and administrative costs. In 2006, conservation concerned the Czapski Palace’s annexes and the main gate.
  • Conservation of the brick facade of the 14th century Town Hall in Morąg.
  • Revalorization of the 16th century Salt Warehouse and conservation of the castle bailey in Olsztyn.
  • Complete conservation of the wooden church in Harklowa – 1 stage including conservation of the walls’ structural elements and sheathing and the replacement of shingles on the roof and awnings.
  • Conservation of the main altar in the Birth of the Virgin Mary Church in Harklowa.
  • Conservation of the lateral altar in the St John the Baptist Church in Jerzmanowice.
  • Conservation of a feretory from the second half of the 19th century in the St John the Baptist Church in Jerzmanowice.
  • Technical & artistic conservation of the organ façade in the St Giles Church in Giebułtowo.
  • Realization of comprehensive conservation and construction work in the „Sugar Refiners’” Palace on Mokotowska Street in Warsaw, commissioned by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.
  • Conservation of the sculptural and architectural decor of the S. Markiewicz Viaduct on Karowa Street in Warsaw
    (Consortium with INTOP Tarnobrzeg).
  • Complete conservation work on the facades and interiors of the arch-collegiate church in Tum, near Łęczyca.
  • Last stage of comprehensive conservation and renovation work in the medieval, wooden St Michael the Archangel Church in Dębno, including the replacement of wooden shingles on the church’s historic enclosure (2nd half of the 15th century) and conservation of selected elements of the furnishings (cover of a 15th century baptismal font, 15th century tabernacle, two 16thcentury antepedia, 18th century feretory). Work started in 2003.
  • Comprehensive conservation work on the wooden church in Harklowa  – II stage including conservation of walls’ structural elements and replacement of shingles on the tower, the sheathing of the chapel and the church’s enclosure, as well as the conservation of the mural polychrome in the chancel and the conservation of the main altar.
  • Conservation of a tile stove in the Museum Palace in Wilanów.
  • Conservation work on Gothic Arthurian murals in the Siedlęcin Tower House in Lower Silesia, including a required study (photographic and photogrammetric documentation of the paintings).
  • Original scientific research regarding the Stare Bielsko triptych.
  • Conservation and technical assessment of the condition of the architectural decor, interior ornamentation and historic door woodwork in the Loretan Chapel in Gołąb, Puławy County.
  • Original supervision over the realization of the conservation of the retaining walls on Lubicz Street in Kraków, commissioned by the Kraków Municipality – the Roads and Communication Directorate.
  • Conservation and protection of exposed historic archeological artifacts including the development of a conservation program, eastern part of the Main Square in Kraków.
  • Beginning of the conservation of seven subsidiary altars in the St Marc Church in Kraków.
  • Conservation of a 16th century painting of „Madonna with Child” from the Corpus Christi Church in Kraków.
  • Stratigraphic, pigment and binder analysis of a 17th century Flemish „Still life” painting from the „Atelier Genovesio” conservation studio in Paris.
  • Research and conservation project for the kitchen, guardhouse, gardener’s house and southern pergola, commissioned by the Museum Palace in Wilanów.
  • Development of a project including cost calculation and conservation & restoration work schedule for Witold Gombrowicz’s Villa Alexandrine and its transformation into the European Center of Arts and Literature. commissioned by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw.
  • Development of a conservator’s expert opinion concerning the state of preservation of the facade with sculptural decor, flashing, woodwork and metalwork in the Palace of Charles Israel Poznański in Łodź at 32 Gdaska Street, commissioned by the Academy of Music in Łódź.
  • Realization of a conservation and analytic study for a Dresdner throne chair from the 18th century.
  • Realization of an opinion concerning a physicochemical, comparative and conservation study of a painting signed by Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz.
  • Realization of conservation work in the St Leonard Crypt, Hińcza from Rogów Chapel of the Wawel Cathedral.
  • Participation in conservation works carried out in Marina El-Alamein, Egypt, within the scope of the Polish –Egyptian Conservation Mission in collaboration with the Department of Architecture of the Wrocław University of Technology and the Kazimierz Michałowski Center for Mediterranean Archeology.