Trybusz – St Elizabeth of Hungary Church

Conservation of architectural elements, Painting conservation
About This Project

Research and inventory begun in 2009 and resulted in this year’s realization of a comprehensive conservation, including architecture, roofing, but also wall paintings. The wooden 15th century St Elizabeth of Hungary Church in Trybusz with its magnificent wall polychrome from 1618 is one of the most famous and valued historic monuments in the foothills of Polish Tatra Mountains. It is also one of the most eminent wooden churches in Poland.


The current state of preservation of the mural polychrome demands an immediate intervention by conservators. The major symptoms of damages include a powdering of the paint layer and stains resulting from earlier impregnations or consolidations. In the repainted fragments, the paint layer, or the ground layer, separate from the wooden support.


Photos by Jarosław Adamowicz, PhD